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PHV859A Posi Lock Hydraulic Vise



5 Ton Hydraulic Vise Air Over Hydraulic 10,000 PSI Foot Pump with Air Control Valve 10,000 PSI Gauge 10 Foot Hydraulic Hose Set of POSI LOCK® Hold-Et's (Magnetic Vise Clips)


•5 Tons of Clamping Power

•Hands Free Operation with Foot Pump Control

•Air Control Valve for Variable Speed and Added Safety

•Cast Steel Construction 52,600 PSI Tensil

•Operates a a Press Vertically and Horizontally

•Jaws are 8 Inches Wide •Jaws Open 8 Inches

•Replaceable Jaw Plates •Hydraulic Pressure Closes Jaws

•Spring Return Opens Jaws

•Quality Performance at a Competitive Price

•Can Be Used in the Automotive, Fleet, Agricultural, Maintenance, Manufacturing, and Industrial Areas


Vice in action:

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