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G.Gun Grease Gun Features All moving parts submerged and lubricated by the grease, lasts a lifetime. Large canister allows regular greasing without endless refilling. Pressure return valve and standard LockNLube grease coupler prevents grease wastage, saving you on grease costs. Moving parts create wave action in grease, thus no messy follower plate required. No troublesome seals to replace – any bypass which may develop, simply returns to the canister. Clip-on lid keeps rain and dust out. Carry handle hinges away for easy filling. Balanced and easily portable. No external power required. No flat batteries or costly replacement batteries required. Frustration free greasing … No more having to stop greasing to clear an airlock in the grease line every so often, wasting grease in the process. The unique two stage pump creates a wave action that smooths out those annoying airlocks. The canister holds 176-282 oz (5-8 kg) of grease. That’s 20 standard size grease tube cartridges you need to replace for every one G.Gun refill. You spend a lot less time refilling or replacing grease tube cartridges and more time getting your equipment greased.

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